About us

After suffering from an acute hearing loss and as a consequence thereof a nerve-wrecking tinnitus (that still keeps me company) I discovered knitting as an activity to calm down and relax.

Quickly bored from low-quality yarns from the supermarket I started knitting with more luxurious materials and when I discovered the possibilities of dyeing my own yarn, I dived right into the adventure.

What started as a beautiful hobby and a change to my office job in an advertising agency soon became more and more important to me. So in 2015 I became a full-time dyer and haven't regretted it since.

I like to name my colorways after things that I love like movies, TV shows, books or songs. So if you take a closer look you might discover a character's name from that show you love, too. Or a hint to that book you almost forgot about. 

"Das Mondschaf" can be translated to "lunar sheep" which describes me as a night owl. I can work best and be creative when everyone else is asleep and the world around me turns quiet. You might notice that my yarn bases are named after constellations and so the circle is complete.