Introduction of the Mondschaf-Team

Sabrina (Mrs. Mondschaf)

The creative (and therefore sometimes confused) head as well as the Jack of all trades. Mainly responsible for dyeing and everything related to it as well as everything bureaucratic. Everything you read on social media comes from her pen.

Jens (Mr. Mondschaf)

Mainly takes care of shipping and customer service. The parcels are all packed by him with love, and you will also receive all shipping notifications as well as any additional information about your order from Mr. Mondschaf.

At wool festivals you will find him right next to Mrs. Mondschaf.

Valentina (Wollante)

After she gave up her own dyeing business, she simply couldn't let go of the topic of wool and so she is primarily responsible for skeining and banding the yarns at Mondschaf.


She is the sewing expert in the team and now takes care of the dyeing and sewing of the hand-dyed bags full-time. She also takes care of the Mondschaf shop.


Scottish Deerhound by trade and responsible for employee motivation. She also ensures breaks are correctly adhered to by requested petting.