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Despite thoroughly rinsing, the wool may bleed a little during the first wash. This is normal and doesn't affect the color quality.
We try to display the colors as accurately as possible, but the color representation may vary from monitor to monitor.

As the color of the skeins is not exactly the same, even within the same batch, we recommend knitting two balls of the same color alternately every two rows to ensure an even knitting pattern.

Care instructions

We recommend hand washing the finished knitted piece, wringing it gently in a towel and letting it dry flat.

Products made of wool only need to be washed when they are dirty, as wool is antibacterial and odor-inhibiting. So it is enough to air the knitted piece for a few hours.

Not enough in Stock?

We would be happy to recolor the desired amount for you.
We usually need one to two weeks for this.

Just write us an email  with the required quantity and we will tell you directly when it will be available.

Bought enough?

Please remember to buy enough yarn for your project!
We dye in very small batches of 5-10 skeins.
Re-dyed skeins (especially plain colors) will always look different and often cannot be integrated by alternating rows.
So even beyond the cancellation period, we will still exchange skeins for a voucher for the shop.